Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

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Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

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Top Pre Existing Condition Visitors Insurance Plans & Tips

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Travel insurance is important for anyone going on holiday. It offers significant benefits in terms of medical costs, repatriation to the UK, theft or loss of goods and, importantly, the need to cancel due to illness, bereavement or any other valid reason for not traveling.

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As you’d expect, travel insurers take your health into account when calculating how much you’ll pay for your insurance. If you have heart disease, be prepared for insurers to charge you more due to the increased risk you may be able to claim.

What Does Your Travel Insurance Cover?

Below you’ll find five of the best policies available from various travel insurers for people traveling with heart disease.

We have established our position (June 2023) on issues such as cost, level of cover in case of travel emergencies, amount of hospital benefits and others – the amount to be paid by the decision maker for each claim.

More information about the traveler profile we use and how we create providers can be found in the Methodology section below.


Our rating takes into account rewards, fees, value and other specific product features. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.

Pre Existing Conditions And Travel Insurance

At £33, this policy offers the highest level of hospital benefits we have found – an average of £2,000 (£50 per 24 hours), as well as £15 million in medical, return and home benefits.

For under £30, this policy includes £10 million of medical cover and up to £500 (£10 per 24 hours) of hospital benefits to cover essentials such as food and drink while you are in hospital.

Although some policies provide a higher level of emergency medical cover, this policy still provides a significant amount of cover for return to the UK if the policyholder needs new arrangements to return home. This includes an air ambulance or simply a separate flight from the scheduled one.

Cancellation of holiday for reasons including but not limited to sickness will cover £3,000 and £1,500 in the event of loss or theft. There is a maximum fee of £95 for each approved medical claim and £75 for cancellations and baggage claims.

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Policyholders can benefit from £15 million of emergency and repatriation medical cover, with this policy costing just £32.

The policy also pays a maximum of £200 (£50 per 24 hours) to cover hospital costs while you are away. If you cancel your trip due to illness you will pay up to £2,000. This amount is quoted in the event of cancellation for other acceptable reasons which are explained in the policy details.

There is also a £1,500 cover for lost or stolen items. There is a fee of £95 for each claim received.

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Costing around £28.50, this policy pays out up to £3,000 in the event of illness or any other reason mentioned in the policy details that shippers plan to travel with.

Medical Necessity Definition In Health Insurance

It offers £15 million in medical and reimbursement coverage and £2,000 in travel and travel baggage insurance. However, these rules do not take into account any clinical benefits.

The policyholder will have to pay over £99 as a first installment for each qualifying claim.

This £32 plan offers holiday cover of up to £3,000 if you have to cancel your trip.

This is in addition to £7.5 million for emergency care and repatriation costs, as well as £300 (£25 per 24 hours) to cover other hospital costs while away. In the event of loss or theft of the policyholder’s property, the policy pays out GBP 2,000.

What Is Travel Health Insurance?

We carried out a quote on our travel insurance comparison site (June 2023) to look at a single travel insurance policy for a 42-year-old man with a heart attack traveling to Spain for seven days.

Have you or anyone else named on your policy ever been diagnosed or treated for any of the following conditions:

Cancer, respiratory, heart or blood disease (including blood flow problems, stroke, high blood pressure or high cholesterol)?

Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

Undergo treatment, stay in hospital as an outpatient or inpatient, or in a medical facility such as a doctor’s office?

Axa Refused To Pay My Travel Insurance Claim … Then Ignored Me

Have you had your dose increased or been prescribed a new pill in the last 6 months?

We have collected the five cheapest heart disease policies. Each includes a minimum of £2 million of medical and convalescence cover, plus £2,000 of cancellation cover, which covers risks related to Covid-19, and £1,500 of baggage and insurance cover (as recommended by the government. Support site, MoneyHelper).

We design policies based on cost, level of medical coverage, hospital benefit amount, deductible (the portion the policyholder pays for each claim received) and editorial freedom. We gave each of them the recommended number of stars out of five.

During your consultation on our website, you will be asked if you have a “pre-existing condition” and instructed: “To ensure you have the appropriate insurance for your trip, it is important that you let us know about your health. Medical history. If you fail to report your condition, it may invalidate your policy.”

Best Travel Insurance Companies For Seniors In September 2023

If your condition is serious enough, you may need to find a professional insurer as standard insurers are reluctant to cover you.

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If your condition results in a bill of over £100 per person, we recommend you try MoneyHelper for a list of specialist companies offering travel insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

You can call them free on 0800 138 7777. Many of these companies are also part of our group.


If your condition isn’t serious – for example, you have mild angina – you’ll see your premium increase, but you may still find it affordable.

Cancer Insurance Benefits And Considerations

For example, a 60-year-old traveling to Spain for a week can expect to pay £15 if he has no medical conditions, but this could be as much as £30 if he suffers from angina and high blood pressure.

If you withhold information when applying for travel insurance, you may lose your policy. So if you don’t mention your heart condition but need treatment when you don’t have it, you probably won’t be eligible for reimbursement if your insurer checks your medical history and discovers your true health condition. .

Routine medical records from doctors and hospitals who treated you while you were away will be checked and will likely show any problems you may have had.

If you have a heart emergency, you could end up paying tens of thousands of pounds in medical bills and costs of getting home.

Medical Travel Insurance Benefits

According to the British Heart Association, seven million people in the UK suffer from heart disease.

For travel insurers, heart disease can include anything from heartburn, angina (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart), arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) to a heart attack or heart failure. You must also disclose whether you have had a heart transplant.

The insurer will take you through a medical examination, which will include answering questions about your health. He will want to know, for example, if:


As previously mentioned, if you leave this information and later submit a claim related to your condition, your claim may be denied.

What Is Travel Insurance? Here Is The Definition + Examples

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