Theater Scholarships

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Theater Scholarships – Thank you for your interest in the university theater. We’re glad you’re considering it as one of your college options!

The University’s Theater Department offers scholarships to new and returning students of any major who are interested in participating in the theater program. The Department of Entertainment presents the main annual festival, the Festival of Short Plays, senior productions, and many other opportunities. We would love to have you join us!.

Theater Scholarships

Theater Scholarships

Click here to begin the application process. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2023. We will continue to consider applications after this deadline as funds become available.

Music And Theatre Scholarships

Regardless of their major, scholarship recipients must enroll in theater studies in their first year and actively participate in the theater production program through performance, background work, advertising and box office work, or other jobs if needed. Failure to meet the requirements of the scholarship during the fall term will result in the termination of the second half of the scholarship in the spring.

While students with a passion for dance are welcome to apply for dance scholarships, please note that non-dance participation is required for all main sports evenings. The competition for these scholarships is fierce, and we encourage you to apply now!

For more information about the theater department or theater scholarships, please contact Kim Dawson at 509.777.3707 ortheatre-dept@. Interested in theater advocacy? Scholarships for incoming senior men and women are awarded through a scholarship application. Find out more about preparation dates and requirements.

Scholarships for incoming senior men and women are awarded through a scholarship application. The personal test dates for regular students arriving on campus in Fall 2023 are November 12, 2022 and March 18, 2023. Applicants have the option of taking Check in person on the above dates or submit for review as soon as possible. . Auditions on 13 November 2021 and 18 March 2023 will be held throughout the day, and applicants and their guests will be invited to a reception.

Scholarships — Ballet Fantastique

Applicants who submit before November 1, 2022 will have their fees waived. We encourage students to apply and apply as soon as possible.

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For in-person exams: Please bring an updated photo and resume your exam. Also, please set aside a full day after your exam for a tour of our theater, a meet and greet with the theater directors. , faculty and staff, and a complimentary performance of our current production.

Theater Programs Theater plays an important role in Christian education at UNW. Find out more about our program,…

Theater Scholarships

Theater Minor Northwestern’s theater minor is only 16 credits, making it easy to combine with other majors. Win… Community Corner Union County offers 2023 Summer Theater Camp Scholarships for Students The camp will feature two performances of the play Once on the Island Jr. at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway.

Grants, Scholarships And Awards

The Union County Commission Board of Directors is pleased to announce that as part of Commissioner Sergio Granados’ “Building a Strong Union County” initiative, We are launching our Sports Illustrated Summer Camp Scholarship Program in 2023. The program is partnered with Union County Performing Arts Center and Theater Artists Prep. The camp will have two performances of Once on the Island Jr., one with students in grades 2-4, and one with students in grades 5-9.

“We are very proud to partner with the Union County Performing Arts Center and Theatrical Artists Prep to create new opportunities for students with theater aspirations to improve their skills and enjoy the experience of a production of summer,” said Union District Chairman Sergio Granados. “Supporting youth activities in the arts is very important to us, both for personal enrichment and as part of the growth and development of Union County as a strong community. , diverse wealth. I would like to thank the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation for hosting my theater.

The Summer Theater Camp is a four-week camp held during the month of July in modern, contemporary theater and theater at the Performing Arts Center’s Hamilton Stage, on Hamilton Street in Rahway.

The plan starts on July 3, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Every weekday, except for the holiday Tuesday, the 4th of July. Friday, July 28 and Saturday, July 29.

Theatre And Dance Scholarships

The scholarship covers all costs including full tuition for the Conservatory and entertainment, equal to $1,500.00. There are also t-shirts to share, copies of articles and jewelry.

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Applications will be judged by a panel of experts based on leadership skills, previous performance, dancing and singing, support from teachers and financial need.

To apply, download the application form at or contact Angelica Cedeno at [email protected] to request a form by mail.

Theater Scholarships

Completed applications can be emailed to Angelica Cedeno at [email protected] or mailed to her attention at Union County Administration Building, 10 Elizabethtown Plaza, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 07207. Completed applications’ but you can also lay hands on management. house

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Awards Scholarships

The Union County Performing Arts Center is supported in part by the Union County Board of County Commissioners. For more information visit

Funding for this program is available through the Chair’s Building a Stronger Union District Initiative. For more information about arts activities and programs hosted by the Board of Directors, visit the Office of Cultural Affairs and Heritage, part of the Union County Parks and Recreation Department, at .

For all Union County programs and services visit, call the Public Information Line, 877-424-1234, email [email protected] or use the online contact form . – Designed for students in grades 6-11 from historically underrepresented populations in theater. Public students want to get more training in any aspect of the theater—from stage management to arts management, for example. in practice, etc. – can apply for a grant to participate in the training program of their dreams.

The wing is dedicated to developing students at every stage of their journey as performers. The Educational Scholarship may cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and administrative fees of a practical training camp/study. in or after-school education programs to which the students have applied.

The Theatre Factory

Applicants from historically underrepresented populations who demonstrate exceptional talent and economic need but do not have the financial resources to participate in after-school programs or intensive summer study programs . We are also very interested in students who pursue “behind the scenes” courses such as stage design, lighting design, modeling, modeling, in addition to actors/models.

In addition to basic information, personal information and examples of artistic work, the application will require the following external materials:

Established for public school students in grades 6-11, the Education Scholarship promotes ‘diversity, equality and access to arts’ iga to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. The Academic Scholarship may cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and administrative fees of a summer study or training program if after school for which students have specifically applied. in recreational activities (active and/or technical/background) each semester during their college career. These scholarships are available to new students and are awarded before they begin attending Concordia. Students interested in an athletic scholarship must sign an athletic scholarship intent on their application. If an application has already been submitted, the student’s admissions counselor must be notified of their scholarship interest.

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Theater Scholarships

(It is acceptable to share contact information for a reference (play teacher, director or teacher), but not required.)

Performing Arts Scholarship

If offered and accepted an acting scholarship, you will be required to complete a minimum number of hours in the performing arts each semester, which may include working in any combination of: / props, costumes, lighting, sound. , background, etc.), building management, marketing for productions (main event or solo activities), regular participation with the IMPROVables group or other activities approved by the entertainment department.

(Entertainers are eligible for a larger scholarship amount, but must also complete certain hours each semester.)

If you complete and submit your credit hours, the opportunity is renewed each semester for four years.

There are many scholarships available to you at Concordia. Whether you join one of our sports groups, one of our 22 athletic teams or for your academic and academic achievements. The entertainment department is looking for good students. All students who wish to enroll regularly are eligible. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, past performance and potential.

Career And Technical Education Signing Day Celebrates Students, Awards Scholarships

All applicants must submit a resume, transcript and headshot. Please contact the theater office for more information: theatre@ or 785-670-1639.

A note for musical students: If you plan to major in musical theater and you want to be considered for scholarships, you will complete two tests. If you are looking specifically for February 10th, please let us know in your registration.

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