Master’s Degree Online Programs

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Master’s Degree Online Programs

Master's Degree Online Programs

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Top 10 Online Masters In Hospitality Management Degree Programs 2017

Top 10 Coursera Online Master’s Programs to Apply This Summer from Data Science in Public Health

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Coursera is perhaps best known for its selection of free courses, from a Yale psychology course to a Stanford machine learning course on how to be happy. It also offers short-term certification programs from companies like Google and IBM.

The University Of Texas At Austin Launches Online Master Of Science In Artificial Intelligence With Edx

But it also has postgraduate programs – courses offered to off-campus students, faculty and degrees that are extensive, accessible and comparatively cheaper.

Below you’ll find 10 popular Coursera graduate programs, from electrical engineering to public health. The application period is from 30 May to 31 August 2021.

One of the top schools in the world, the University of Pennsylvania offers a full master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology. MCIT’s online program is tailored to non-computer science majors and prepares students for roles in finance, healthcare, education and government, as well as key software development industries.

Master's Degree Online Programs

Students come from a variety of disciplines (history, chemistry, medicine) and graduates find jobs at technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Bloomberg.

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Best Online Master’s In Nursing (msn) Programs In 2022 23

The IMBA program offers online students the same MBA degree as on-campus students. Students will participate in live classrooms, conduct group projects, and interact with faculty during virtual office hours to complete 18 courses and three capstone projects.

Students come from more than 90 countries and 48 states, leading to diverse perspectives and a global network.

The University of Michigan’s Master of Applied Data Science program is one of the top 10 information research programs and designs hands-on learning in the classroom. SMALL.

Students will learn to master key data science concepts (machine learning, natural language processing) and explore current topics such as privacy, data ethics, and persuasive communication.

Online Master’s Degree Ranked Among Best For Accounting

IMSM is a nine-course, fully online graduate degree. The University of Illinois said students receive the same education from the same faculty as students at the school.

In addition to core accounting and finance courses, include core management courses (leadership and team management, marketing management, strategic management and more). From there, students can tailor their degree with electives in global business, business challenges and data-driven decision making and communication.

This purposefully global MBA program helps you develop unique, future-oriented skills while developing your traditional core subjects – marketing, accounting and more.

Master's Degree Online Programs

Students develop strategic, leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills using real problems from industry partners who help develop each lesson.

Masters In Science Education Online Programs 2023+

The University of Colorado’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is completely online and flexible. If students take individual courses in the program, they can acquire professional skills or parts of the courses to earn a graduate certificate.

To earn a full master’s degree, students choose 30 credit hours. They can choose from over 30 electives in core areas such as electronics, embedded systems, photonics and optics, control and communications, electromagnetics and computer engineering.

Admission to the program is merit-based, so no formal application is required. You only need to successfully complete one Pathway Specialization to be officially accepted into this program. You then combine these credits with more courses to reach 30 credits.

The University of Michigan is one of the best universities in the world to offer a completely online master’s degree in public health. Students gain hands-on experience with key public health concepts and tailor their training to areas such as precision nutrition, health communication, data analysis, and environmental epidemiology.

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Mha, Master Of Health Administration (online)

To prepare for a wide variety of roles, students develop skills such as data collection and analysis, engagement strategies and communication techniques over 42 units. Each student receives real-world training through Applied Practical Experience (APEx).

The fully online master’s degree in Population and Health Sciences teaches students about today’s most challenging public health issues and develops their skills in data analysis.

Designed by one of the nation’s five largest public universities, the University of Michigan program is interdisciplinary and research-based. The Public Health Specialist shows students how to conduct literature reviews, understand research methodology, analyze and interpret data, compare findings, and prepare to write a research paper.

Master's Degree Online Programs

Imperial College London is one of the top 20 universities in the world to offer an online master’s degree program in public health with access to faculty who have helped shape global policy (eg researchers leading the Ebola response). Students will study biology, epidemiology, health systems, health economics, population health improvement, and more. To improve their research skills, students also investigate public health issues that affect their communities.

Masters Degree In Business Management By Henry Cravens

The program is entirely online and students have the opportunity to submit to peer-reviewed journals and develop a portfolio of work to begin the next phase of their career.

Named America’s most innovative school four years in a row (US News), the University of Arizona’s fully online master’s degree combines classroom training and hands-on application projects in topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and big data. Online students earn the same degrees and study from the same faculty as on-campus students.

ASU students also have opportunities to work with off-campus organizations such as the Blockchain Research Lab.

Mara Leighton is a senior reporter at Digital Culture. If you want to get in touch, email [email protected] or DM @maraleighton on twitter.

Online Master’s Degrees 101: Making Social Connections

Disclosure: Written and researched by an internal review team. We highlight products and services that interest you. If you purchase them, we may receive a small portion of the sales revenue from our partners. We may accept products from manufacturers free of charge for testing. This does not affect our decision about the features or the recommendation of the product. We operate independently of our advertising team. We welcome your comments. Email [email protected]. With the proliferation of accredited online master’s programs, professional education has had no impact. Just 20 years ago, an online master’s degree was a joke. Even the best webmaster programs are very limited and considered somewhat useless. What a difference a few years make. Today, earning an online master’s degree is not only common, but considered a smart career decision for working professionals who want to advance their careers.

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Much has changed, but the biggest difference is the entry of regionally accredited, prestigious colleges and universities into the online higher education space. For-profit diploma mills are broke and can’t really compete with online degrees from real, reputable institutions. From small regional public universities to elite private research universities, all accredited online graduate schools have changed higher education for the better.

To determine the 25 best online master’s programs of 2019, BMP editors conducted a broad but targeted search for regionally accredited colleges and universities that prioritize online education. This means not just looking for institutions with the largest number of online programs and the largest number of online students, but those that are actively innovating and driving the industry forward. The programs are then ranked according to three criteria:

Master's Degree Online Programs

Overall, the top-rated schools present a strong and promising intersection of affordability and value. This ensures that students are not only well-chosen in the programs they choose, but that they can find a measurable return on any level of investment.

Top 25 Best Online Master’s Programs 2019

Colorado State University-Global Campus’ online graduate programs represent the future of higher education, rooted in a long tradition of educational opportunity that has yet to be established. Working professionals turn to CSU-Global for programs such as the Master of Health Care Management, the Master of Information Technology Management and the Master of International Management. Our data analytics, finance, and professional accounting programs prepare students for today’s most demanding and high-paying jobs. Other programs, such as criminal justice or teaching and learning, prepare professionals for more critical occupations such as teaching and law enforcement.

Founded in 2007, CSU-Global Campus is an independent institution in the Colorado State University System and the first nonprofit, public online university.

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