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Insurance Claim Lawyer – Filing a property insurance claim for your condo is complicated, and your claim may be denied. Learn more about condominium property insurance, why your claim may be denied, and why hiring an attorney can strengthen your claim.

Buying a condo is different from buying a house. With a condo, you’ll likely pay into a homeowner’s association (HOA), share community space with your neighbors, and agree to certain conditions established by the community.

Insurance Claim Lawyer


When your property is damaged, filing a condominium property insurance claim can be complicated. Each state has specific laws that govern the rights of condo owners, as well as local laws that may affect how you file your claim.

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If there is a dispute in your condo insurance claim, or if you believe you have been unfairly denied, an insurance claims attorney can help ensure that you are adequately compensated for your losses.

Whenever an insurance claim is filed, or when there is loss or damage to property, your HOA will determine if the damage involves the common areas of the community or if it extends to individual condo units. It can also determine whether the entire complex or part of the building has been damaged.

Where the damage occurs and how bad it is will determine what is covered and what insurance policy pays for it, whether it is a master policy or an individual owner policy.

Many state laws require HOAs to use their owners’ insurance to cover common areas, which may include parts of individual condos.

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Condominium owners share their building structure with other condominium owners. Each condo owner depends on the other to keep things up to a certain standard. Although there are individual owners of each unit, there is also shared ownership between joint properties.

Common areas are defined by Home Owners Association (HOA) rules or local laws. State and local laws may dictate the type of property insurance you must purchase for your condo.

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Although you may have your own individual insurance policy, the HOA may recommend which insurance company to use and set additional requirements detailing the repair process.


For a condominium complex to be fully covered by insurance, there must be at least two different policies. One is a master policy that covers the entire building or complex.

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Another is an individual policy that protects a condo owner’s personal property and structural elements of the unit that are not covered under the owner’s policy.

A homeowner’s policy can also be considered HOA property insurance. Building management is responsible for a master policy, and can be paid by individual condo owner association fees. This policy covers general areas.

Some HOA policies may also cover individual units as-is (however, remodeling may require additional insurance), while other policies may only cover floors, walls, or ceilings that connect to other units or common areas. To determine the details of a master policy, check with your condo board or building management.

As an individual condo owner, you likely need to purchase an insurance policy to cover damage to your property. This policy may cover your belongings and any structural elements not covered by the HOA policy.

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Although individual policies will vary and depend on policy language, your individual condo property insurance may:

You may want to consider additional coverage for your condo to avoid claim denials. Other coverage, such as damage assessment coverage, for example, can compensate you when the cost of a particular damage is split between condo owners, such as water damage in a common area.

Filing a property damage claim for your condo is more complicated than filing a claim for a single-family home. Although some damages may be covered under your individual condominium insurance policy, other damages may be covered by the condominium complex owner or HOA.

Insurance Claim Lawyer

Although the HOA and each individual condo owner share a common interest, problems can arise for both parties. If there is an insurance claim dispute involving your HOA, an individual condo owner should consult with an insurance dispute attorney.

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The vast majority of insurance companies, whether they represent individual condo policies or HOA owner policies, will indemnify policyholders to recover from their losses. However, some insurance companies may deny your condo insurance claim.

The jury makes formal findings of fact on matters or questions submitted to the jury by the judge.

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If a storm or other event damages your condo that requires repair, you must document everything and work with your HOA for the best results.

Insurance companies want proof that your condo is damaged. The more evidence you can gather and preserve, the stronger your claim will be and the less likely your insurance company will deny you compensation.

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Even with an abundance of evidence, some insurance adjusters may unfairly deny your claim. If your claim has been denied or you are concerned that it will be, you can hire an insurance dispute attorney to strengthen your case.

From verifying your insurance coverage to investigating your claim and finding a fair settlement, a skilled insurance attorney can help you recover compensation for your losses.

With condo property insurance claims, verifying what is covered under different policies can be complicated. An attorney can help you review the status of your condo complex, including verifying coverage under the HOA policy and the individual condo policy.


Although insurance companies can conduct their own investigation, a lawyer is likely to conduct an investigation to ensure that your claim is handled fairly and in the details of your policy.

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This may include whether the damage was properly assessed, the total loss included in the claim, and whether the HOA or policy holder will be charged to oversee or pay for the repairs.

Taking condo property insurance claim disputes to court is expensive and time-consuming for insurance companies. An attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company to ensure you get the money it takes to make the necessary repairs.

If your condo insurance claim has been denied or undervalued, an attorney can help. At Florian|Robeg, our insurance claim dispute attorney will examine the details of your case and help you collect compensation for your losses.

An attorney can also help you navigate your insurance policy, your HOA policy, and local and state condominium laws. Our law offices have experience handling insurance claims disputes in many states, from Florida to Texas.

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It can be difficult to know whether you should seek legal advice after a dispute involving your condo’s property insurance or your HOA’s insurance. in florins

To learn more about condo property insurance claims, or to get started with your free case evaluation, contact our offices today.

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If, while visiting our site, you discover an error or factual error in a content, please contact us at [email protected]. When a commercial property is damaged, business owners turn to their insurance provider for help covering the associated costs. . In some cases, however, the insurance company will dispute the claim even if there is actual damage. When such disputes occur, it may lead to legal action being pursued by one or both parties. Because of this, business owners should know what to expect when insurance company attorneys become involved in a claim dispute.

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When an insurance claim is disputed, insurance companies often hire lawyers to protect their business interests. Insurance defense attorneys may work for independent law firms or as in-house counsel for an insurance company. Strict regulation in the insurance industry often requires legal assistance from focused counsel that stays up-to-date on any insurance litigation arrangements.

Insurance companies can also use legal advice to determine whether the type of contract and the company’s business practices are involved in complying with various regulations. Because both federal and state laws govern insurance, insurance companies find that what is legal in one state does not always apply in another state.

In the event that a valid claim is denied by an insured, insurance companies will often retain an attorney to represent them. In these circumstances, the insurance company’s legal counsel will review the claim in accordance with applicable policies and state law to determine whether the claim was wrongfully denied. Policyholders should be aware that it is intended to act in favor of the insurance company to protect their interest in the insured and not the insured.

In Texas, when a commercial property is damaged, the owner(s) will have the opportunity to file a claim with the insurance company. Once a claim is filed, the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the loss.

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Insurance adjusters are ultimately responsible

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