History Scholarships

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History Scholarships – “As a first-generation university graduate who benefited from the excellent mentorship and guidance of the entire history faculty, I attribute my success to their influential ability to connect deeply with students. Now I am continuing their good example by teaching and mentoring other first-generation college students who are serving their country as they complete their undergraduate degrees. — Anita Anthony-VanOrsdal, History ’06

The art of history explains the past. History examines the lives of people, the consequences of ideas, and the fruits of human ingenuity. Historians engage in deep research and persuasive debate. They create stories about the past based on evidence. The skills students gain from studying history enable them to analyze and interpret evidence and evaluate how human societies change over time.

History Scholarships

History Scholarships

Choose History as a Bachelor of History (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a History or History of Science minor or taught minor. In-depth training in research, writing, critical reading and interpretation make history graduates attractive to many employers who value these skills, particularly in law, library and museum work, finance, journalism and public administration. Students also study history to enhance their liberal education and exercise their minds.

Awards And Scholarships

Alternatively, choose a group major in social studies for students who want to earn a teaching credential to teach in middle or high schools. Students study various academic fields such as history, geography, political science and economics. Students gain a powerful education to engage their classrooms with live content. Students have made historic progress in finding jobs in Michigan classrooms, as well as across the United States, especially in Texas and Utah. A significant number of graduates entered educational administration, postgraduate studies and many other professions. Social science students can choose a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). We also support elementary education pedagogical content knowledge for students who want to obtain a primary education teacher certificate.

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The public history major allows students to advance their programs of study through local and community projects based on current practices and methodologies.

The Certificate in Medicine and Health allows students to broaden their understanding of medicine and health by incorporating diverse perspectives from different disciplines in the humanities and natural sciences.

The Civic Change Agent badge aims to inspire students to combine democratic ideals and civic engagement with deep knowledge of context, history and politics. It teaches students the values ​​and practices needed to support democracy through formal curricula, project-based learning, and collaborative activities.

Eight Students Awarded Scholarships At Regional History Day At Hastings College

Ricky Benavidez graduated from Grand Valley in 2014 and 2019 with bachelor’s degrees in history and society and nonprofit management, as well as a master’s in public administration. After graduating, he held several positions and worked in the Young Alumni Council for 6 years. Ricky is a Senior Partner at Ktisis Capital, Associate Professor, Director of Strategy and Communications for West Michigan Progress, and DEI Training Coordinator for the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. He serves on numerous community boards and committees, including the City of Grand Rapids Community Relations Commission, Chair of the Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities Council, and Chair of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s LGBT Foundation Advisory Board.

Joseph Westover, a former history social studies major, was awarded Grand Rapids Public Schools Teacher of the Year!!! Congratulations Joseph, you have inspired us!

Gloria Masterton is a social studies teacher at Legion College Academy in Rock Hill. Gloria is a proud graduate of Grand Valley State University with a BA in Social Studies and Secondary Education. In addition, she earned a master’s degree in education from the University of South Carolina, specializing in multicultural educational contexts. During her career, Gloria has taught government, economics, US history, and sociology. She is passionate about making social studies relevant to the prior knowledge and life experiences of all her students, and will truly help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Gloria is currently Chair of the Department of Social Studies, Student Council and Yearbook Advisor, and Faculty Mentor and Peer Evaluator. Gloria was also named LCA’s 2022 Teacher of the Year for her dedication to her students and excellence in education.

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History Scholarships

94% of respondents rated their academic experience in history and social sciences as very good or good.

Merrillville’s Black History Month Program Funds Scholarships

Annie Whitlock: Publishes a new article: Whitlock, A.M. and Brugar, K.A. (2022). Historical fiction and its prevalence in the classroom. History Teacher, 56(1), 77-102. Read here.

Her presentation was entitled “Looking Good and Feeling Good: The Making of Slave Bodies and the Materiality of Jamaican Lace Shells, 1700-1900.” in 2021 September 22 Bonn Center for Addiction and Slavery Studies, University of Bonn, Germany.

The Pew Teaching Excellence Awards provide educators with an opportunity to recognize the work of their peers as teachers who inspire students across disciplines.

In a TIME article, Professor Louis Moore wrote: ””””””””’.

History And Social Studies

After a three-year hiatus, the Civic Engagement Showcase returns April 6, offering members of the university and community an opportunity to share their partnership on issues that affect everyone. Thank you for your interest! Our $1,000 college scholarship is awarded annually to college seniors who demonstrate a love of history and learning.

History students seek the importance of meaningful history classes at the undergraduate level. We also want students to continue their passion for social studies after high school and reward those who dedicate themselves to the study of history.

We are proud to sponsor a history student scholarship for one graduate each year. The $1,000 scholarship is paid directly to the recipient.

History Scholarships

Students: You can download the scholarship application and essay topic by clicking here. Print and fill out the application, type in your essays, and send them to the address provided on the application and below. At that time (or later), refer the history teacher to this page to complete the referral form. You must have at least 1 and no more than 3 teacher references. The completed application and essay should be sent to:

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Scholarship In Comparative Studies In History In 2022 2023

Thank you for helping to recognize and reward deserving students! We believe that your civic engagement and the development of historical research are critical to the success of our country.

Complete a brief proposal here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and ask on social media or at the email address below.

You can learn more about history students. You can read about our 2019 here. scholarship winner and one of our 2020

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Yellow Springs High School History Scholarship

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