Group Travel Insurance

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Group Travel Insurance – Here’s a quick explanation of why you should consider group or general group travel insurance… If you have a team traveling abroad. Or a tour group? Or a group of volunteers who help you every year.

You are responsible for organizing people who will travel abroad. You required each participant and volunteer in your program to obtain their own international travel insurance. Your group leader has collected medical cards, proof of insurance, copies of passports and accident information from each person. Think you’re all set? You might want to think again.

Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance

Do you realize that you may be causing unnecessary risk and stress to your volunteers, your group’s tour leader and your organization? A group or comprehensive insurance plan can eliminate this risk and stress, which can make the difference between a successful travel experience and a tragic one.

Group Business Travel Insurance

Yes, group travel insurance is better than individual plans for groups traveling together for multiple reasons. First, it provides critical protection in emergencies, expedites medical treatment, eases and reduces stress for team leaders and participants, and helps reduce liability for your organization. Let me explain why.

You don’t want to have multiple emergency numbers to call in an emergency. Consider the consequences if your team or group is in a van or bus involved in a multi-vehicle accident. With many injuries. In another country. Practice another language. They try to take everyone to the hospital or treat them.

And then to top up, you have to contact several operators on different toll-free numbers, twelve hours ahead of time, it could be midnight in Europe or the US, they are all different. advance notice requirements, different response times and recommending different hospitals or doctors. Your team will then be spread across the city or even offer treatment in different cities/countries.

It’s a scary scenario. But this is also a real scenario. It happens almost every year, somewhere around the world.

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What if a team leader gets injured or needs medical attention? Now someone has to try to sort through the various coverages, plans, carriers and contact numbers. Also trying to contact the organization and loved ones back home to update them.

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It is essential that you simplify the process by having one group travel insurance plan for all your members and one 24/7 contact number to call in the event of an emergency.

Because you have one point of contact, multiple benefits and one carrier, it speeds up medical treatment/care in any case. This is the main reason we recommend that team leaders and organizations choose a plan in advance and require all travelers to use it.

Group Travel Insurance

Because even if all travelers have domestic insurance that can cover them abroad, not all plans are created equal. Some may cover certain things and others may not. You will then need to contact your local carrier for confirmation.

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Medical evacuation is almost always not covered by domestic insurance policies, or they may not provide enough coverage to cover a particularly complex evacuation. All of our international policies cover emergency medical evacuation and transportation. We can help you determine the maximum benefit depending on your destination and job.

Before starting the trip, consider what your team leader or group leader should already be responsible for. Anything you can do to simplify and help them be more efficient and reduce their workload before the trip will be a big help.

Also, it’s much easier to keep track of one helpline than 12 or 20 different international insurance IDs. cards. This allows the team leader and participants to focus on the destination.

We offer a free service where we will create a branded “custom” registration page for your organization or group. This page will include your chosen group travel insurance option and your colors/logo. You can easily link to a page from your website or blog so your group can easily find and use it, making it easier for them and you.

Group International Travel Insurance

A single group international travel insurance plan reduces your organization’s liability. With a group international travel insurance plan, you can choose what benefits and requirements you are looking for in an international group travel insurance plan. Then we’ll help you create a single access point for all your volunteers.

You know the maximum, so you can offer several different deductibles and everything else remains the same. You know what people are covered for and they know what they’re signing up for/under their policy.

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Therefore, you eliminate the confusion and take care of your people and reduce the potential for false insurance guarantees (if they choose a bad policy from a bad insurance company). And you have to reveal, instead of leaving those real decisions and choices up to individual travelers, that’s important.

Group Travel Insurance

Either you can sign them up or they can sign up and pay directly. You will receive notifications by email. by mail (just like individuals) when they sign up. This reduces the additional work that the team leader must be responsible for. Especially since we will do the work for free.

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The carrier pays us the internal commission that their sellers would pay, so there is no additional cost to you. And we have special contracted group travel plans that are cheaper per day than the carriers offer directly. We also offer special rates for groups that volunteer, do charity work or go on missions.

If more than one person is traveling together, use a group international travel insurance plan instead of relying on an individual travel policy. Or if your organization has many people who travel throughout the year.

Group travel insurance is a policy you can use for your entire organization throughout the year. You simply estimate the number of travelers and days per year, and your staff or volunteers will be covered wherever they travel. You pay a flat fee per year without having to register as individuals or provide names, dates, ages, etc. for each trip. You can even include the estimated number of travel days for foreign nationals visiting the US.

A shared policy is perfect for organizations with a large number of travelers as it saves time and energy on check-in. We offer group travel insurance from Aetna, GeoBlue and other popular carriers.

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Your staff and volunteers will still be covered by your general group travel plan. Just check your travel dates next year when you renew. Additionally, you can add any of your employees who travel outside of their home country (which they often do) to your organization’s annual travel plan, giving you seamless coverage and one more thing off your already busy schedule when they’re about to travel.

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One area where a generic travel plan may not be the best choice is when your organization has many different travelers with different needs. One itinerary may not “fit” their travel plans or specific health needs. We can help you decide what is best for your specific organization and goals.

Our special contract plans are the cheapest anywhere (they’re even less than what the carriers themselves advertise or post on their websites) through special contract agreements with Good Neighbor Insurance. There are also discounts for charity/non-profit and volunteer travelers.

Group Travel Insurance

The price point is another reason why organizations choose group travel plans. They are often the most affordable coverage available, starting at around $1.00 per day. One of the final reasons people choose group travel insurance over a blanket policy is that you can choose from more coverage options (such as adventure sports insurance).

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How can our organization be sure that coverage and deductible standards will be met when people self-enroll?

The answer is that you can pre-select a plan with certain minimum coverage, even specific benefits that your volunteers should have. This way you can control the coverage levels that people choose.

We can then create a unique page for you (with your logo and branding) for free, and link back to your website. You can then send the link to your travelers.

Send email Email our Good Neighbor Insurance department at group@ with your questions and needs and let us recommend the policy that best suits your organization. We are here to make your life easier.

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Insurance is like a pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter if you get them, if they don’t fit you, if they’re painful, you won’t use them. Comfort is everything. That’s why we have 10-12 top, internationally known carriers and multiple plans to suit all needs.

Sometimes your insurance needs a shoe that fits an organization that travels through numerous airports around the world every day. Other organizations need tough, rugged, combat boots that will last

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