Emergency Travel Insurance

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Are you experiencing a medical emergency while traveling? Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance customers should follow these steps.

Emergency Travel Insurance

Emergency Travel Insurance

In an emergency, call the emergency number. 9-1-1 works but it doesn’t work everywhere. 1-1-2 in Europe. You can find local emergency numbers through the TravelSmartâ„¢ app.

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You can call from anywhere in the world +1 804-281-5700 for non-life threatening emergencies. With a little information from you, we’ll work out the details to help you get the care you need at a pre-screen medical facility right away.

We know, not all hospitals are the same. If the local hospital cannot provide the level of care you require, we can arrange transport to the nearest suitable facility. We will keep in touch with your doctor, review your daily medical reports, manage bills and provide interpretation services if needed.

We can arrange and pay to get your family back to the States if you are hospitalized for more than 7 days. Or… if you are traveling alone, we can arrange for someone to stay with you.

If your condition requires transportation to a US medical facility, we will work with your primary care physician and health insurance to determine the best transportation plan.

What Is A Covered Reason For Trip Cancellation?

If you need an air ambulance, medical escort, oxygen, antibiotics or other medical assistance, Allianz Global Assistance can arrange and pay for it (up to the limits of your travel insurance policy ).

We’ll keep in touch and when you feel like it, we can help you start the applications process. Just remember that you have 90 days from the first day you pay out-of-pocket expenses to file your claim – except as provided by law. You can choose to file through the TravelSmart app or digitally through . Be sure to include all documents including receipts, medical records, medical bills, etc. Questions Call 1-866-884-3556 for assistance with the application process.

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If you have a pre-existing medical condition, make sure you choose a plan that includes the benefit and verify that you meet the requirements.

Emergency Travel Insurance

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The Art Of Getting Clients To Buy Travel Insurance: Travel Weekly Asia

If you are looking for a policy that will protect you in the event of an unexpected illness or injury while traveling abroad, you need to learn about independent travel medical insurance. This type of insurance can be provided through the benefits of some major travel credit cards, but the covers can be limited and low in value.

Emergency medical cover is included in comprehensive travel insurance policies but can also be purchased independently. Even if you have a US major

Checking the various sources of information can be confusing, and it’s easy to misunderstand what type of medical insurance you have when you travel or to duplicate your coverage by buying a policy when you already have benefits from another source. Here’s everything you need to know about travel medical insurance so you can choose the best option for your trip.

Travel medical insurance provides reimbursement for emergency medical expenses, including medical evacuation, while you are traveling. These policies do not provide coverage for routine expenses.

Reasons To Purchase Travel Medical Insurance Before Your Next Trip

So, if you break your leg while on holiday internationally, emergency medical cover will protect you. However, if you decide to have your teeth cleaned while abroad, you will not be covered. Travel medical insurance is meant to protect you in the event of an emergency.

Expats, frequent business travelers or people who spend a long time living outside the United States can purchase a comprehensive travel health insurance policy for long-term travelers (more on this below). These policies offer standard medical cover to those living abroad (usually for one year or more) rather than holidaymakers. Long-term international travel health insurance policies should not be confused with travel medical insurance.

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Travel medical insurance products and comprehensive policies may also include cover for family members traveling with you, or cover for a family member to visit you if you go to hospital. The definition of “family” can vary, but it usually includes your spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and more. So if your companion becomes ill or injured during the trip, there may be trip cancellation benefits. Or if you are hospitalized in a foreign country, the insurer can pay for the flight and hotel accommodation for a designated family member to visit you.

Emergency Travel Insurance

While natural disasters that affect your plans are usually covered, travel medical insurance policies often exclude pandemics from coverage. Since the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020, plans with pandemic exclusions cannot cover emergencies related to COVID-19. Some travel insurance companies also exclude from coverage countries that have a ‘Level 4 Do Not Travel’ advisory issued by the US. e. Department of State. If it is US. Citizens traveling to these countries, travel medical insurance services may not be available. It is important to check the fine print of your policy to determine what may or may not be covered.

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A comprehensive travel insurance policy includes more protection than standalone travel medical insurance. Travel medical insurance plans have protections related to emergency medical events, while comprehensive trip insurance policies cover everything from medical care to trip cancellations. Although travel medical plans may include coverage for benefits such as trip interruption, the amounts covered are usually limited.

With travel medical insurance, there are no benefits for trip cancellation, so the cost of the trip is irrelevant. This makes the policy cheaper compared to buying comprehensive travel insurance, where you have to cover the full cost of your non-refundable holiday when you calculating your share. With a comprehensive plan, the higher the trip costs, the higher the price.

You will be reimbursed for unplanned emergency medical expenses incurred during your trip. We reviewed several travel medical insurance plans on InsureMyTrip and found that they offer the following protections:

You have suffered a head injury and need to be transported to a medical facility in a nearby city. The evacuation must be prescribed by a doctor.

Buying The Best Travel Medical Insurance For You [2023]

You are in a foreign country, you don’t know the language and you need to find a doctor. If you call the emergency helpline, your insurer will help you find a doctor.

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She was taken to a hospital in a nearby town for medical treatment. The medical care is complete and you must now fly back to the place of evacuation or back home.

The airline has lost your luggage and you need to buy toiletries and clothes. There is usually a cash cap on each item purchased.

Emergency Travel Insurance

In the chart above, for each benefit, we’ve included an example of a covered event. We’ve also listed the amount of coverage you can expect to receive under each benefit. The coverage limits depend on the policy you choose. Because we reviewed several policies, the parameters show a wide range.

Travel Insurance: Not Just For Worrywarts Anymore

The main areas of coverage in most plans are emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation and accidental death or dissolution. Although these are high limits, many of them only apply when you have submitted a claim to your primary medical insurer. Before you can submit a claim for reimbursement to your travel medical insurer, you need to know what type of policy you have.

Both the type of trip and the type of coverage will determine which travel medical policy makes the most sense. You need to know four terms: primary coverage, secondary coverage, single trip and multiple trip.

Travel medical insurance plans refer to medical coverage as primary or secondary. Primary means you can apply to your travel medical insurance company before applying to any other insurer. When the policy is secondary, you must submit your claim to your primary insurance provider before you can submit a claim to the travel insurance provider.

For example, say you break your leg on vacation and need to go to the emergency room immediately. If your travel health insurance is primary, you can pay your medical bill with your credit card and then submit a claim directly to the travel insurer.

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However, if your travel medical coverage is secondary, you must submit the application to your US healthcare provider first. e. You may be asked to include the denial notice from your primary insurance with your application to your secondary travel health insurer.

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