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Doctor Lawyer – Doctor Lawyer is a new drama about a genius surgeon who loses everything due to a fraudulent operation and becomes a prosecutor who only loses his family and loved ones due to the same operation. Together, they work to punish those who believe that the value of human life can be measured by their wealth and power.

In what will mark his first drama role in four years, Seo Ji Sub stars as the titular medical malpractice lawyer Han Yi Han, who changes careers after a devastating incident in the operating room. Im Soo Hang plays Geum Seok Young, a passionate prosecutor who strongly believes in justice.

Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer

As the drama gears up to premiere on June 3rd, MBC has released an adorable new poster of lead Seo Ji Sub. The lower half of the poster shows Dr. Han Yi Han, who shows a calm and cool professional air as he rushes to save someone’s life, while the upper half shows his thoughtful suffering and compassion through the concerned look in his eyes

Dr. Lawyer Ost [mbc]

The caption of the poster reads: “The courtroom and the operating room are the same. It is where the rest of our lives can end or begin again.”

The producers of the movie “Lawyer Doctor” stated that “From the point of view of the actor, it takes a lot of preparation and hard work to make a character like a doctor or a lawyer. To add to this, the protagonist by Doctor Lawyer – Han Yi Han is both a doctor and a lawyer. He is definitely not an easy hero.”

“Through his extremely complex and passionate efforts, Seo Ji-sub brings to life lawyer Han Yi-han, who sharpens his sword for revenge,” they continued. “We think this special poster will do a good job of capturing Seo Ji-sub’s presence. You can see an even more powerful, passionate and impressive Seo Ji-sub in the drama. We ask that viewers show great interest and anticipation. “. So Ji-sub is a professional and skilled actor, but he can only do so much with average material.

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Neither medical nor legal dramas have been particularly groundbreaking in the modern realm of Korean dramas, though credit must be given where credit is due – they have spawned a few fan favorites over the years; K-dramas like

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, MBC and Disney + potentially fragile attempt to combine the two genres. From the beginning, the title is frighteningly simplistic as it seems to create at least a little suspense, and certainly, the opening notes of the series are not so encouraging. Han Yihan (

‘So Ji-sub) is immediately established as the star cardiac surgeon at Banseok Foundation & Hospital.

We know him as completing a four-hour surgery in a record time of just two. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Gim Seok-young (Im Soo-hyang) is a prosecutor whose brother Seok-joo (Han Seung-bin) is being treated as a patient in the hospital for chronic heart disease. After saving a botched operation performed by Dr. Goo Hyun-sung – the son of the foundation’s president, Goo Jin-ki – he was appointed head of heart surgery even against the objections of the elder.

Doctor Lawyer

Things are starting to look up for Seok-yeong and Seok-ju, too; they tell him that Seok-joo may soon receive a heart transplant, with Yi Han at the forefront of his surgery. He certainly nailed it, though his victory is not without occasional hiccups. That same night, Yi-han is called back to perform an emergency heart transplant on a mysterious VIP, victim of a car accident, even though the hospital has already used the only heart available for him. Seok-joo’s operation. He is immediately aware of the situation: where exactly is the heart transplanted to this patient?

Doctor Lawyer Và Why Her Với Cuộc Chiến Phim Cuối Tuần đầy Gay Cấn

But the next morning, news arrives that Seok-joo has suddenly become insensible due to possible post-surgery complications, and despite Yi-han’s efforts, she faints as Seok-yong watches. After the autopsy, a distraught Yi-han is informed that Seok-joo’s death was the result of an accident that occurred in the middle of surgery, which he adamantly denies. Yi-han quickly puts it all together – he rushes through the hospital in a fruitless search for an unknown VIP patient, and is arrested for Seok-joo’s death and medical malpractice.

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During his ongoing trial, Jin-ki secretly visits a depressed Yi-han in prison to blackmail him into confessing to the false charges against him, cruelly threatening to kill Yi-han and his elderly mother if he ever tries. to explain the truth of what happened in the operational theater. Desperate to risk the lives of those closest to him, he painfully ends his relationship with a distraught Seok-yeon, revokes his hard-earned medical license, and spends the next two years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. .

However, when he is outside, Yihan is defeated by a justice decision. Enter the legal field, gaining new experience as a public prosecutor specializing in medical cases. But always in his mind is the goal of revealing the truth of what happened to Seok-Ju and bringing the guilty to justice.

Lays the groundwork for a shocking portrait of corruption in the capitalist health care system and covers it with a lot of heart (pun intended). His script is decent, if sometimes mediocre and overdramatic, a reflection of what happens when one is forced to fight against corrupt institutions and wealthy but morally miserable tycoons.

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However, most of its meat on the bones comes in the form of amazing performances from its lead actors Seo Ji-sub and Im Soo-hyang, both of whom manage to bring deep emotional layers to their characters. The way Seok-yeon completely and utterly disappears after the death of his only family is very arresting; the emotions of pain and pure sadness are heightened and spread across the screen in great volume.

On the other hand, Yihan’s masterful performance shouldn’t come as a surprise to the veteran K-drama viewer – he certainly delivered when his legendary character returned to the small screen after four years. He oscillates awkwardly between the clumsy and absurd caricature of a seasoned, self-absorbed surgeon/lawyer and a man oppressed by his dignity. Although he has been established as a lone wolf, the few scenes he shares with Im are for the most part heartwarming.

He is not immune to the well-known melody of Haqqani’s tropes; a trap that countless of his predecessors fell into. In a sea of ​​over-the-top K-dramas with medical and legal procedures,

Doctor Lawyer

Compared to its peers, it is far. In fact, it’s also reminiscent of other shows with suspiciously similar premises – think 2019

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(oddly enough, too) which also tells a similar story of a doctor wrongfully accused of retaliatory misconduct.

When you realize that the wonderful performances on the screen of its actors are a bitter pill to swallow, there is a danger of being excessively insulted by what is so far a mediocre script. You could argue that there is a lot of room for the series to make significant progress with its story, but that’s only if you’re willing to take the chance and stay long enough to see it.

Airing every Friday and Saturday on South Korean TV channel MBC, it will also be available on Disney+ in some regions. Operating rooms are like a court. Rooms where other people live can start again. The courtroom and the operating room are the two rooms where someone’s remains live. You can be saved, but everything can be wrong.

Han Yi Han (Soo Ji Sub) was an elite surgeon. He graduated from the best medical school in South Korea, specializing in two areas: general surgery and cardiovascular surgery. But one day, one of his surgeries changed his life. At first, Han Yi Han believed that he did the surgery well, but the child died. As a result, he had his medical license revoked.

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Because of what happened, four years later, Han Yi Han works as a lawyer specializing in medical cases. With this, he has the chance to discover the truth behind the death of his former partner. Han Yi Han protects the victims of his experiments and seeks to punish those who commit medical malpractice and negligence. He works with the state prosecutor’s office, where Han Yi Han lost a family member and a lover as a result of the surgery.

The inability to do something with our hands, the anxiety of being forced to leave the rest of the future to others, but the last hope for us, for us.

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