Dance Scholarships

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Dance Scholarships – Class of 2023 graduating high school dancers hoping to receive direct funding from the NYCDA Foundation to pay for tuition for a dance program at the university of their choice. These scholarships typically range from $5,000-$25,000. A professional selection committee—no NYCDA faculty—is invited to determine scholarship recipients.

Class of 2024 high school dancers hoping to be employed by one or more of NYCDA’s college partners. These scholarships typically range from $10,000-$150,000 each.

Dance Scholarships

Dance Scholarships

This 2023 National College Scholarship audition opportunity is being offered in conjunction with the NYCDA 4-day National Summer Workshop at the Sheraton New York. The event will include a ballet class, a contemporary class and possible interviews. In 2023, Jazz might join the alliance. A separate app is required for listening. Click here to apply now!

Scholarships — Koresh Dance Company

Eligibility: This performance is open only to dancers who have registered to participate in NYCDA’s 4-day summer workshop and have recently completed their junior or senior year of high school. This will serve as a scholarship review for our college partners. Below is a list of colleges expected to participate in the 2023 audit – subject to change.

High School Enrollment/Warm Up for 2023 – Recently graduated and committed to college in the fall of 2023. 8:30-10:30 am

Enrollment/warm up for 2024 high school and recent 2023 graduates is not planned for 2023. 10:45 AM-12:45 PM

Ballet auditions for the class of 2024 high school and recent 2023 graduates with no plans for 2023. 12:45-1:15 PM

Ballet’s Biggest Matchmakers (student, Meet Scholarship)

The college fair will be held on July 5 from 9 am to 6 pm. Representatives from all college partners will be available to disseminate information and answer questions.

The purpose of the NYCDA Foundation College Scholarship Program is to initially award several 4-year college scholarships with a value of $5,000-$25,000. These scholarships are awarded directly as tuition fees to the college of your choice. The scholarship recipient must be pursuing a performance-based major (dance, musical theater BA or BFA program) in college.

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This year in 2019, the foundation established a program to recognize dancers who choose to participate in a certification program. Dancers who choose to join certain certificate programs will receive 50% of their initial award. Please contact the NYCDA Foundation to confirm eligibility for the program you plan to attend. (NYCDA Foundation Scholarships may not be used for programs affiliated with Steps on Broadway.)

Dance Scholarships

Since our founding in 2010, the foundation itself has awarded more than $4,000,000 in college scholarships. Recipients of NYCDA Foundation Scholarships are now represented in 45 prestigious arts programs across the country. Click here to apply now!

Equity Dance Scholarships For Francisco Dance Works Programs

Details for 2023 remain TBD. Unfortunately, in 2023, Covid will probably prevent us from doing this audit.

Past Eligibility: This show is open to studio dancers who have participated in NYCDAF’s national fundraising campaign. Independent dancers are also welcome.

The exact number of scholarships awarded per audit/event is yet to be determined. Your fundraising dollars will surely help make a difference in the lives of many dancers. Higher education has never been more confusing or expensive. Our goal is to help you navigate the biggest decisions related to higher education with real information and expert advice. Every content on the site is original, based on extensive research and reviewed by multiple editors including subject matter experts. This ensures that all our content is current, relevant, accurate and complete.

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Awards & Scholarships

Kayam Stewart Kayam Stewart is a former writer specializing in scholarships and financial aid. An admissions associate at Kenyon College, Kiam worked in the admissions office and interviewed high school students applying to Kenyon. Kiam is currently studying Philosophy at Kenyon College and pursuing a double concentration in Law and Society and African Diaspora Studies. Full bio Learn about our editorial policy

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Dance has been a part of human history for as long as we can remember. It has always been a way of expressing oneself physically and spatially and is an important part of many celebrations. There is also the art and science of dance that scholars study in academic settings. Dance scholarships are available so that students can develop a greater understanding of this ancient art form with minimal financial burden.

If you are a dancer or want to study dance, here are some of the best scholarships for dance education this year!

Dance Scholarships

16 Dance Scholarships in May 2023 These scholarships have gone through a review process. Student Information Scholarships require paid membership of an organization (except reputable businesses and others) Student must register with a site or service to apply *** The scholarship website contains many grammatical errors and/or advertisements The scholarship or scholarship awarding organization does not appear to be Trusted Scholarships No evidence of previous awards Scholarships not awarded in the past 12 months No contact information available If you believe a scholarship has been published in error, please contact [email protected] and we’ll look into it! * There are some exceptions to this, such as if the sponsoring organization is a large corporation or non-profit organization that has its own scholarship application process. **Leader Generation Scholarship requires students to register for an app or website and meet minimum (if any) application requirements. ***The Idea Harvest Scholarship asks students to submit blog posts or other materials that companies can use for marketing purposes. At the unique “Follow Your Own Path” Essay Scholarship, our goal is to help students find post-secondary education and confidently apply for financial aid. Learn about our editorial policies. We know that students have different educational and career needs and aspirations. This is… Show 1 more prize worth $500 January 31, 2024 Qualifying Goody Arts Scholarship Introducing the Goody Arts Scholarship! Scholarship sponsor Marc Gowdy believes that every student should be given the opportunity to pursue their artistic passion, but the rising cost of college makes it so… 1 Award $1,000 Deadline November 15, 2023 Apply for a special $10,000 “no essay” scholarship . The $10,000 “No Essay” scholarship is open to students who need some extra help with their education. Whether you are a high school student… Show more 1 Award $10,000 Deadline June 30, 2023 Verify eligibility $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay Easy Scholarship from Nitro College for all high school, college, community and graduate students. Multiple awards worth $2,000 Deadline May 31, 2023 Nish $15,000 Application No Tuition Scholarship Open to all high school and college students and anyone planning to attend or graduate college next year. 1 award worth $15,000 Application deadline June 29, 2023 Dr. Earl James Fahringer Arts Scholarship The Dr. Earl James Fahringer Arts Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for students majoring in music, art, drama or dance. The late Dr. Thanks for the generosity of… Show More $250 – $1,000 Spending Deadline June 6, 2023 Check Eligibility Visit Scholarship Website Brown Girls Do, Inc. College Scholarship from Brown Girls Do, Inc. The college scholarship is funded by Brown Girls Do Ballet, an organization that helps increase participation of underrepresented populations in ballet programs. This insight… See More $2,000 Award Deadline June 30, 2023 Verify Eligibility Scholarship Website Joan Myers Brown Equity Scholarship Are you a prospective college student who is an intermediate or advanced dancer? If so, you may be interested in applying for the Joan Myers Brown Equity Scholarship. The scholarship is a … See more awards Bi-annual eligibility review period Visit scholarship website Recreation Community Development Fund Professional Development Scholarship The Recreation Community Fund Professional Development Scholarship is supported by the Recreation Community Fund and provides stability and wellness in an organization that promotes stability and recovery. Net for Performing Arts and… Multiple awards up to $1,000 View Scholarship Website CBC Couples Performing Arts Scholarship Current or future Black/African American college students majoring in the arts? If so, you may be interested in applying here.

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Dance College Scholarships Up For Grabs

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