Commercial Insurance Attorney

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Commercial Insurance Attorney – Commercial insurance policies protect businesses and organizations from potential risks that threaten the company’s well-being. The state of New Jersey requires business owners to have two types of commercial insurance: business auto insurance and workers’ compensation.

New Jersey law requires all sole proprietorships, partnerships/LLCs, and corporations to have workers’ compensation insurance. Because the company covers medical expenses incurred by its employees due to work-related injuries, the company must protect itself from potential civil or criminal penalties in the event of an accident.

Commercial Insurance Attorney

Commercial Insurance Attorney

State law also requires companies and organizations to have commercial liability auto insurance that includes coverage limits for property damage and bodily injury. Policy limits vary depending on the type of vehicle covered, so businesses should tailor their policies based on the cars they use for day-to-day business.

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If a company fails to obtain the required insurance, it will be subject to penalties such as liens on assets, fines, reimbursement for medical expenses and civil lawsuits.

Employees who drive as part of their job must provide at least proof of auto insurance. If the driver fails to provide evidence, the employee’s and company’s privileges may be suspended and subject to hefty fines. Drivers must also carry paper or electronic proof of insurance with them at all times while driving and provide proof in the following situations:

Let’s say you want to learn more about commercial insurance. If so, contact Insurance Associates Plus today for a free quote on New Jersey business owner laws and how commercial insurance can protect you and your company. Running a business is complex, and at some point most business owners will encounter situations that escalate into disputes. HRKM Law’s expert Orlando business litigation attorneys are well versed in all types of business and commercial disputes. We have experience in various areas of corporate litigation, including but not limited to:

Commercial litigation can be complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with the relevant laws and regulations. Hiring the right attorney can make a big difference and can make or change the outcome of your case.

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As Orlando’s leading business litigation attorneys, we provide proactive strategies focused on protecting your company’s best interests. Business and commercial litigation can be complicated and distract you from more important areas that require focus.

Our attorneys resolve contract disputes or breach of contract matters in Central Florida and Orange County. We are skilled negotiators, handling everything from breach of contract to insurance coverage to non-compete agreements.

From contracts and inspection reports to property disputes and construction accidents, the potential for legal liability in construction is significant. The right attorney is critical to the success of any project, whether large or small. HRKM Legal has the experience to help our clients alleviate these challenges.

Commercial Insurance Attorney

Malicious claims are multifaceted and require thorough investigation and industry knowledge. You can continue to pay your premiums and still find it difficult to file a claim when you need it most. Our team is ready to be your advocate.

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You may be an insurance company that is constantly trying to meet its obligations and you may find yourself facing lawsuits. Our insurance lawyers are ready to provide legal advice to help you sort through all your insurance claims and fight for a fair settlement.

We understand that intellectual property assets are valuable and must be carefully protected. Copyrights, trademarks and patents can be the key to the success or failure of your business. HRKM is here to help you navigate the complex world of intellectual property protection.

It has become common for products of all kinds to be subject to liability claims. Our team is familiar with the laws surrounding liability claims, with significant experience in premises liability, alcohol, commercial, automobile and product liability litigation.

Our firm provides expert legal services that can assist you with all your real estate claims, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, developer, or simply looking to purchase a home. We have a talented team with experience serving real estate claims throughout Orange County, Florida.

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Our Orlando commercial litigation attorneys have 10 years of experience in all areas of business law. We develop strategies to effectively resolve complex commercial cases and disputes for our clients.

As demand for green policies increases and building security increases, building codes are becoming more complex than ever. Our Orlando construction dispute attorneys help with all types of construction cases and disputes.

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We are a full-service commercial law firm providing expert advice on a variety of insurance protection matters. We have the skills and experience to give our clients the upper hand in insurance disputes.

Commercial Insurance Attorney

Submit the form or call our office to speak with an attorney. Our areas of expertise and services include:

Our Legal Practice Areas Including Personal Injury, Auto Accident & Business Law

Please Note: Emailing a lawyer does not create or create an attorney-client relationship between the lawyer and users of this website or any other party. An attorney-client relationship is established only by a written contract and only if it complies with all applicable laws and ethical rules.

Confidential Information: The transmission of information online, by email or electronically may be unstable, unreliable and insecure. You should not send information or facts related to your legal problem or question by email. If you do not have an existing attorney-client relationship, your email may not be privileged or confidential. Property insurance attorneys are committed to fighting for property owners whose claims have been denied, delayed or underpaid by insurance companies.

Because natural disasters happen, we pay to protect ourselves from the possibility of such disasters occurring. And if someone strikes to stop our business, we expect things to be done quickly and fairly. When business is devastated, so is our life. The insurer is not only responsible for indemnifying the insured under the contract entered into by both parties, but is also responsible for communication throughout the claims handling process. As a plaintiff firm that exclusively represents insureds for negligent damages to their homes or businesses, The Lundquist Law Firm can help.

Whether you’re a sophisticated business or an individual, you need to ensure a level playing field if you’re going to argue with an insurance company about any type of insurance claim. Armed with unlimited resources, insurance companies can hire skilled adjusters and skilled lawyers behind the scenes to overcome obstacles. Worst of all, they don’t always have your best interests or happiness in mind. It is important to level the playing field by hiring an experienced, aggressive attorney who knows how the insurance company works and is willing to do what he can when necessary. We have the experience, skills and resources to work with major insurance companies and their teams of attorneys. Our firm handles complex bad faith insurance claims across the country and will not back down until our clients get the results they deserve.

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Contact us today to get a free lawyer from a real lawyer. You may deserve a lot more than you got.

“TWIA changed its coverage decisions several times, in one case demanding a refund of more than $70,000. After keeping Will’s company, TWIA immediately changed its tune and ended up paying more than $300. , 000. Will’s company has since dealt with several legal challenges all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, hopefully preventing other TWIA policyholders from going through what they went through as an organization. Will was passionate about our cause and helped us throughout the process of pitching his company. I couldn’t be happier with Will and his team.”

“Will was recommended to me by one of my other clients who owns various commercial properties in Texas. There were seven bank branches along the coast that were hit hard by the hurricane, not to mention the additional costs incurred to keep them temporarily open for the citizens of Rockport and Port Aransas who needed access to their funds after Harvey. Will was very professional, direct and demanding in court. He worked hard, pressured the carrier on discovery issues and placed the case in a position to resolve favorably within 10 months of being hired. Will was a true professional in his field and I would highly recommend Will’s company to any large corporation struggling with their insurance company after a major storm.”

Commercial Insurance Attorney

“We first hired a certified adjuster after Harvey when we felt that carriers with certificates of authenticity paid significantly lower claims. After about six months, our public adjuster recommended that we retain an out-of-state law firm. Instead, the board members felt we should conduct a more thorough investigation. Will came highly recommended and was an attorney who was one of the retired state judges we considered. The committee interviewed several attorneys, including one recommended by a public regulator, and unanimously agreed that Will was the best candidate to handle our matter. Will’s solution to how to strategically categorize and present the cost of restoring 26 buildings.

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