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Backpacker Travel Insurance – In my solo travels, I’ve filed travel insurance claims for hotel room thefts, broken ankles, delayed travel plans, a broken camera, and in the process knocked out three teeth in in a motorcycle accident. When these accidents happened, I was glad that I had the responsibility to buy travel insurance for travelers.

Experiences with both types of travel insurance are very positive. Let me explain the difference between these two low budget travel insurance options that I have used over the past six years of my travels, I have used a combination of three options as follows.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

As a regular reader here on my blog, you can get a 5% discount code for your HeyMondo travel insurance.

The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance

In this blog post I will share personal experiences and comments below. However, here are the three most common types of insurance

Hemondo Annual Insurance: Travel insurance for multiple trips per year if each trip is less than 90 days before you return home. This is great for those who have a home base but make 3-4 major trips a year.

HeyMondo Long-Stay Insurance: Travel insurance for all your trips throughout the year without returning home every 90 days. It is generally best for digital hikers or those traveling for more than 3 months. It’s a good choice for someone like me.

Going on a trip without travel insurance can be a big financial mistake. Backpacking travel insurance is great and has proven to be a good investment for me over the years, making more claims than I paid for!

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In this post, I’ll discuss what to look for when choosing the best travel insurance policy and which of my two favorite providers is right for you. At the end of this post, I’ll also provide a brief explanation of each claim I’ve made myself, and what it entails so you know what’s covered each time. So, let’s explore and check out two of the best travel insurance companies for backpackers and travelers!

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Finding cheap boaters and travelers insurance can be difficult, and it can be difficult to get the right information without spending time entering all of your information first. From my personal experience, HeyMondo is a very simple platform, and they explain all the inclusions and exclusions. Like many insurance companies, they are not trying to trick you with lots of hidden or hidden fees.

Exclusions are often hidden in the fine print and you will find out that you are not covered for certain activities in certain countries… when it is too late. In addition to your most important duties, the most important things you should include in your travel insurance are:

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Both of these may collect a large bill. Hospital bills and evacuations are big-ticket items that can take a toll on you.

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Therefore, I have provided two non-interactive information in the above section. It should be standard but you want to have coverage for smaller and more frequent events. These six items should be included in the budget travel insurance.

So, let’s dive into the different types of insurance policies available and which one is best for you.

When I started traveling, HeyMondo was the first insurance provider I used. I still use it for my travels today. I tried it with others along the way, like Safewing.

HeyMondo makes getting your coverage really quick and easy. A few details about your age, the countries you will visit and the duration of the trip, you can be prepared and covered. Claiming is easy with an online portal where you fill out the claim and attach supporting documents. In my opinion, HeyMondo is the best travel insurance for backpackers.

Best Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance

HeyMondo is great but when it comes to low budget travel insurance, you might want to look at this

Safety Wing. Nomad insurance offered by Safetywing is only $42 per month, unlike most insurance plans, it is billed monthly like a prepaid phone plan. There is no lock-in contract and with the click of a button, you can turn it on or off for the next month. The payment is automatically deducted from my account each month, just like an app subscription on your phone. What is new travel insurance like?

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Cheaper than almost all travel insurance policies, the coverage is the same. I had my total $7000 surgery in Australia after breaking my ankle. The only major difference is that the premium is $250,000. It is possible to be admitted to a foreign hospital but not likely. Other than that, there is no difference between Safetywing and other providers.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Safewing has a ‘Remote Health’ option which costs $200 per month but covers all surgeries and medical events such as dental, reconstructive surgery and other procedures beyond the scope of travel/bank insurance. Personally, if I choose Safewing, I stick with Nomad Insurance at $42 a month.

How Travel Insurance Can Save Your Backpacking Vacation

I’m a travel expert, but I can tell you right now, I’m HeyMondo

Medical bills for a motorcycle accident in Bali: I knocked out two and a half teeth, 8 stitches in my jaw, a broken hair on my arm and a lot of food on my body . Benefit: Covers all medical expenses including scooter/moped coverage, unlike many providers.

Money stolen from my hotel room: $500 AUD was stolen from my passport wallet in my hotel room when the door was locked. I believe it should be better. Product: $250 fee because there is a $250 limit for stolen/lost money but a higher limit for personal items. It would be nice to get some back.

Medical pills in Indonesia for another motorcycle accident: I had an x-ray and a whipping on my arm for a hairline fracture after an accident in the Philippines a few days ago. Results:

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My camera stopped working after I was caught walking in the rain. Even in my bag, my Sony A7ii was flooded by the ferocity of this storm. Result: HeyMondo covered the repair cost and said I would buy a new one if the repair cost more than the replacement.

Broken leg and torn ligaments while hiking in Australia: I needed an MRI, X-ray, a surgeon and surgery. The total cost in Australia is $7000. The result: I got a full refund except for an extra $100 from Safewing on my $40-a-month Nomad insurance plan.

It should be right, but it isn’t. While Safetywing and Haymondo want to help, the claims department will often look for holes in your claim to avoid payment.

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Backpacker Travel Insurance

The most important thing to help you achieve a successful and profitable claim is to have all your documents supporting your claim. If there is a theft or damaged item, I highly recommend filing a police report, this will confirm your claim and show the insurance provider to be extra cautious. You will need receipts or proof that you have the items you report as lost or stolen. I always keep all my electronic receipts in a folder.

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HeyMondo processes claims in 2-3 weeks, Safetv took over 5 weeks between submission of my claims and payment but $7000 is a lot so they will check it out .

There are limits to what you can or cannot say. Listed below are the items you can expect not to be covered by your insurance policy.

I hope this guide has helped you to understand what to look for when buying your insurance policy. There are many options but these two lists are the most comprehensive when it comes to travel insurance for renters. Hopefully, you’ll never have to make a claim because your trip will go smoothly but if you do, make sure you’re covered! Be safe outside and be active.

Thanks, the best insurance for me now is not the cost of the medicine but the covid-19 test for the trip. This makes planning easier and you don’t have to spend extra money every time.

What Is Backpacker Travel Insurance And Do You Really Even Need It?

Hi, thanks for the guide. I am planning to do a 30-day vacation in the Philippines, specifically in the Davao region. However, my country (Germany) has issued a regional travel warning, only the Mindanao region, not the entire Philippines, due to terrorism and violence. The problem is, I need travel insurance but I’m afraid they won’t pay because of this. You know by chance

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